Gay Male sex story – Assistant professor of chemistry

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Gay Male sex story – Assistant professor of chemistry

I sat on the train, paging through the free newspaper I had picked up in the station, mindlessly skimming stories about elections; my mind was elsewhere.

I had just finished the first day of my new job as an assistant professor of chemistry at a small university in Chennai. The day had gone well; it had mostly consisted of meetings with deans, human resources representatives, and other members of my department. Students weren’t scheduled to arrive several weeks, and I was eager to get my office in order and preparations for the classes I would be teaching underway.

My small office was nestled in a back corner of the science building, on the third floor; new professors weren’t offered prime locations. A couple of teaching labs, two classrooms, a conference room, a small kitchenette, and a pair of bathrooms filled out my isolated wing of the building. I had spent much of the evening setting up my desk, organizing my bookshelves, and putting pictures of my friends and family up on the walls – I was planning to spend a lot of time at work, and I wanted to make it a personal space.

Just as I had been putting my computer in my briefcase and putting my jacket on to leave, my new coworker Jayant – another tenured chemistry professor – stopped by my office.

“Looks like you’re getting settled in, Robin; glad to see it. We’re very happy to have you join the department, and are excited to see what you’ll be doing with the outdated inorganic chemistry curriculum.” Jayant gave me a warm smile and a firm handshake; I couldn’t help noticing how strong his grip was, and how that smile seemed to reach his eyes.

“I’m happy to be here. I was nervous about coming to a Catholic school, but it seems great so far,” I replied, as I shrugged my jacket into place. “It’s also really nice to have another young professor in the department; it’s just been me, Alok, and the five geezers for the last two years,” Jayant said, chuckling. “Alok is fantastic – both as a teacher and a friend – but having another young guy around will be great. Let’s grab a beer after work tomorrow; I’ll show you one of my favorite bars near campus.” His smile continued to glow.

“I’d like that,” I replied. “I’m so new to the area, I don’t know any decent spots, and I always enjoy a good IPA.” I tried to sound like the friendly professional, despite the fact that I couldn’t keep myself from wondering if I’d just been asked on a date.

“Great. We can talk beer, chemistry, and `Da Bears.'” My heart sank. I loved beer and chemistry, but football was not my strong suit, and I wanted to make a good first impression on my new colleague. “See you tomorrow. I’ll swing by here around 6.” Jayant turned to leave, and promptly tripped over his own untied shoelaces. I stifled a chuckle. As he bent over to tie his shoe, he murmured, “We’re scientists; we’re supposed to be clumsy, right?”

I laughed outright at his self-deprecating joke, knowing he wasn’t far off; most of the chemists I knew were awkward, clumsy, or just plain strange. Jayant had that rare combination of nerdiness, humor, and self-confidence that I admired. I strove for it, but tended to be a little shy.

Standing back up, Jayant asked, jokingly, “Anything else wrong with me?” I did a quick once-over and was embarrassed to notice one thing Jayant might want to know about.

“Jayant, uhhh, your fly’s open,” I muttered, smirking, trying to make it sound like a joke. I didn’t want him to think I’d normally be checking out his crotch, even though I already had earlier that day, during a meeting when he had given a brief report on the organic chemistry curriculum.

Jayant, the smile never leaving his face, said, “Well, dammit; I always forget to zip up after I swing down to the bathrooms over here!” He made no attempt to turn away as he reached both hands down to fumble at his zipper, and I tried to keep my eyes on his face instead of his pants, which seemed a little tighter than they had when he walked in. Finally put together, Jayant said, “Well, welcome, Robin. Look forward to drinks tomorrow. Have a good night!” And he walked away down the hall.

My eyes caught on the words “same-sex marriage” in the newspaper, and I was jolted back to my surroundings on the train.

I shoved my newspaper into my bag and scurried off the train. I walked the three blocks to my new apartment, a two-bedroom place in Warangar. Walking through the front door, I was greeted by my roommate, Lata, with a loud “Welcome home, honey!” Lata was my best friend from graduate school in DC, where we both got our PhDs in chemistry from the same lab. She and I had done our post-docs in different cities – mine in Kharagpur, hers in  Pune – but we were thrilled to find out we’d both gotten jobs in Chennai at the same time. We decided to live together, on the conditions that we weren’t to expect each other to be our entire social lives, we were to cook our own food, and we weren’t to interfere in the others’ sex lives. I was fine with that, considering that Lata’s sex life almost exclusively involved vaginas.

“Supper ready, dear?” I replied, and we both chuckled, knowing that I was on my own for my dinner. We were great friends, and joked about living like husband and wife, but we were very pleased with our mutual independence.

“Get any head on your first day, Robin?” Lata was, to put it mildly, saucy. And away from work, I could be, too.

“No, but the organic professor, Jayant, is fucking sexy.” He was exactly the kind of guy that tended to catch my eye, though I had broad tastes: medium height – 5’10” or so, with very dark hair, a strong jaw, a well-trimmed beard, a sense of style that accentuated his physique, bright blue eyes, and a gleaming smile. “And he walked into my office with his fly down,” I added.

“This sounds promising,” Lata grinned. “Just don’t drool over him in front of your students.”

“I’ll get over it; I suppose I have to. I can’t ruin my first real job by sexually harassing a coworker! Besides, he wants to grab a beer after work tomorrow and talk sports.”

“Ah, so he’s straight. Maybe I should join you; I haven’t had any dick since that threesome with Ann and her boyfriend back in grad school. Dildos just aren’t the same.”

“Oh, shut up, Lata. Let me have my fantasy, even if I can’t have him!”

“Well, you better get laid soon; we’ve been here a month already and I’m tired of NOT finding condoms in the trash.” Lata and I were very open about our sex lives – our whole lives, really – and lovingly hassled each other all the time.

I let the comment pass; it had been nearly two months since I’d even gotten blown, and even longer since I’d had “real” sex. I knew I was a good looking guy – quite a catch, in fact, though I’d never say that out loud – but sex wasn’t the only thing on my mind, especially with the recent move to Chennai and the new job.

Dinner was macaroni and cheese; I had been so caught up with getting ready for work that I hadn’t been grocery shopping the last week. I sat down with a glass of wine and my bachelor food, and mindlessly watched re-runs of Breaking Bad until midnight rolled around.

I yawned as the third set of credits rolled by on the TV, and decided to head to bed. Lata had gone to bed hours ago; she had to be up much earlier than I did. As I stripped off my clothes, brushed my teeth, and took a piss in preparation for bed, I felt myself getting a little aroused wondering what was in Jayant’ pants. I fell asleep rock hard, and had fantastic dreams.

I grew up in a small town in Karnal, with two very normal parents and a very normal older sister. I excelled in school, played soccer, was in the school orchestra, and had plenty of friends. You could call me a standout kid.

I knew I was gay from the time I was 15, when I found myself masturbating to thoughts of my soccer teammates instead of any of my sister’s attractive girlfriends. My family was liberal, and my high school was pretty progressive; I’d learned about homosexuality and gay sex along with birth control and STDs, so I knew I liked guys and that was OK. I didn’t come out publicly until college, but my family knew I was gay after some embarrassing discussions about the Internet history on the family computer
when I was 18.

Back then, I was a tall, lean, fit young man, with shaggy blond hair, brown eyes, and a six-pack. I was never shy in the locker rooms after soccer practice, proud of my bigger than average uncut cock and good body, and – lucky for me – most of my teammates weren’t shy either. They didn’t know I was gay, despite the semi I always got in the showers, and most probably wouldn’t have cared anyway. My first sexual encounter was in those very showers, though not with one of my teammates.

I had stayed late after practice one day to help the coach patch up the soccer field, wash the jerseys, and help fix a net that had been torn in one place after a particularly powerful goal earlier in the season. After I’d finished with those jobs, I headed to the locker room to shower and go home.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Anand, a classmate and member of the tennis team, also had stayed late after their team practice, and was hitting the locker room at the same time I was. Anand and I were friendly, but didn’t know each other well, and made small talk about classes and practice as we walked in the locker room. As we pulled our towels out of our lockers and began to undress, we saw Manoj, a beefy football player a year ahead of us, walk out of the shower, towel over his shoulder, and casually begin to get dressed in the bay of lockers right across from us. Manoj didn’t talk to us, or even look our way, but I noticed Anand’s wandering eyes catching furtive glimpses at him as he dried off his very well-developed body and nice, meaty ass. Manoj dressed quickly and promptly left the locker room before Anand and I had even gotten our underwear off.

“Man, that guy looks like he’s going be a pro football player; he’s built,”
Anand said casually. “He must lift twice a day.”

“Yes, he’s too big. Looks like a meathead. But I wish I had his ass!” I half-joked, as I slipped off my briefs and briefly handled my cock and balls to un-stick them from each other after a sweaty practice in tight underwear.

“Yours looks all right to me,” Anand said, quietly. I turned around to smile and thank him, and noticed that he hadn’t taken his boxer-briefs off, and that they were straining to keep his cock under control.

Suddenly, I noticed that Anand was extremely hot himself. He had dark features, a firm build, and more chest hair than almost anybody in our class. And big, full lips that I suddenly wanted to kiss. Not to mention a sizable package that was still growing in his tight underwear.

In an attempt to ease what could have been an awkward situation, I turned back around and playfully patted my muscled, white butt, and said, “Pasty,but tasty, huh?” And laughed at my own rhyme.

Anand chuckled, and only said, “I bet. Now go shower, show-off!”

Disappointed that my novice, subtle innuendo didn’t go where I had hoped, I walked off to the shower and started to wash my hair, trying not to think about licking Anand’s manly chest and actually having him taste my pasty ass.

A minute or two later, Anand walked into the shower, sporting a throbbing boner. He didn’t say anything, just walked to the other side of the showers and started cleaning. Obviously, my hormone-ridden teen body responded, and I felt my own impressive cock slowly getting thicker and longer.

“Come here, Robin.” My heart beat. I turned back to face Anand, to find him slowly jacking his thick, cut cock, staring at me.

I went.

What happened next was one of the best sexual experiences I’ve had, even to this day. Anand pulled me to him and roughly kissed me, our young cocks pressed between our bodies. After making out for a few minutes, letting the warm water run over us, Anand knelt in front of me, grabbed my 8″ cock, and said, “Dude, your fucking cock is amazing.” He stroked it, moving the foreskin back and forth over the head as if he had one himself.
“I’ve got a thing for uncut cocks,” he said, “and yours is perfect.” He stroked a few more times, and then tentatively licked the bead of precum that had formed on the tip of my dick. I groaned in pleasure and flexed my cock several times, encouraging him.

I had seen hundreds of blowjobs in porn, but I was not prepared for how amazing the real thing was. Anand’s full lips wrapped about my cock, and slowly slipped four or five inches into his mouth. As he pulled back off my cock, he grabbed the base with his left hand, started working his tongue around my head, and reached down with his right hand to jerk his own.
After a few minutes of expert cock sucking, Anand came up for air, and kissed me passionately, grabbing my bare ass and pulling our bodies firmly together.

I felt Anand’s thick dick pressed up against my abs, and told him it was my turn. I kneeled and eagerly took his whole cock down my throat – I had practiced on a dildo I’d ordered online, and was a great cocksucker for a novice. He moaned as I pulled back off and slid his shaft all the way in my mouth again. As I continued to suck him, Anand backed slowly to the wall, where he leaned back, jutting his pelvis forward to give me better access. I took the opportunity to let my hands wander up his hairy chest, play with his hard nipples, and then meander back down to the base of his cock. From there, I tentatively moved my hand to his balls, playing with each one gently, and then moving back under them, inching my way toward his ass. He just continued to moan in ecstasy, so my fingers explored further, until they found his tight, shower-wet hole. I teased his hole with my finger while I continued to suck him off, until he pulled my head off his dick and said, “If you’re going play with it, then fucking play with it.”

I took his cue, and as I swallowed his cock again, my wet finger slid in Anand’s tight ass. I felt his cock get instantly harder, and his hands found the back of my head and pushed my mouth onto his thick meat. I had read enough to know that about a finger’s depth into a guy’s ass, if you bend your finger slightly; you hit his prostate, the gay man’s favorite erogenous zone. As I did exactly that to Anand, I felt him clench down on my finger while he groaned, “Fuck, Robin, YES!” I was rewarded with a small swallow of sweet precum on my tongue, which I have loved ever since.

Anand looked down from his ecstatic groans, looking me in the eyes, and said, “More. Now.” I pulled my finger out of his ass, gently, and put two fingers in my mouth to get them wet with spit. As I pushed against his asshole with both fingertips, Anand pushed back and took both fingers with no trouble. “More.” I pulled my mouth off his rock hard cock to wet three fingers. Again, Anand pushed back as I fingered him, and I was surprised to find that all three fingers slid in easily. “Unghhh. Yes!” Anand yelled.

I was in hormonal heaven: a hot, manly, ripped tennis player’s thick cock was in my mouth, three fingers were in his ass, and he was moaning like he couldn’t get enough. My cock was, needless to say, dripping precum at every thRobin.

“Robin, stand up for a second,” Anand said. I did, taking my fingers out of his ass as I stood. Anand grabbed my cock, squeezing it as he pulled the skin toward the head, causing a huge drop of precum to ooze out. “That, here,” he said, turning around and guiding my precummy dick to his now-loosened asshole.

“Dude, I’ve never fucked before, Anand,” I said, nervously.

“Neither have I, but I love foreskin, your body, and things in my ass, so let’s fucking do it. Stick it in, just go slow… I think the shower water, your precum, spit, and foreskin will be lube enough. I’m eager enough to take even your huge cock right now.”

Clearly, 18-year-old gay Robin was not about to decline. Anand leaned forward against the wall of the shower, and guided my cock to his anticipating hole. As I pressed the tip of my wet cock to his ass, he moaned and pushed back, and as I slid the first inches inside Anand’s gorgeous butt, I was shocked at how much better than jerking off this felt. Anand just groaned in pleasure and pushed back further, impressively taking all 8 of my thick inches in one motion. As I pulled part way out, ready to start really fucking this stud, Anand pulled off my cock and said, “Better angle; let’s go to the bench.”

We turned off the shower and walked to one of the benches among the lockers, still with raging hard-ons. Anand threw his towel over the bench, pulled my face to his to kiss for a moment, then laid down on his back, pulling his legs up to expose his eager hole.

“We may need some lube,” I said slyly, as I knelt at the end of the bench, gently thumbing Anand’s ass. He smiled and nodded, knowing that I intended to get him wet and whimpering. I leaned forward and gently licked Anand’s showered asshole, and both our cocks responded instantly, flaring up with renewed vigor. I dove in, tonguing his ass with abandon. As I rimmed him, I reached up and started to stroke Anand’s thick cock, aided by the precum he was dripping.

After a few minutes, Anand said, “Enough already. I’m too close to keep doing that. Fuck me. Your uncut cock is gonna make me cum so fast…”

I hastily agreed, knowing that I wouldn’t take long inside Anand, either.
With his ass well-lubed with my spit, and relaxed by my tongue, I slid in easily. At this angle, I was able to slide my entire cock in his ass and push on his prostate while we made out. After a few slow strokes, I sped up, feeling Anand’s cock pulse between our torsos every time I was fully buried in him. I leaned back, breaking our kiss, leaned my head back and groaned, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Yeah, stud, give it to me!” Anand yelled, avidly jerking his own cock in time to my deep thrusts. As I felt his ass clench down and squeeze my cock, seeing the beginnings of Anand’s orgasm, I felt my own cum fly out into Anand’s eager ass. Seven shots later, I collapsed on his cum-covered, hairy torso, and kissed him gently.

I smiled as we both stood up, covered in cum, sweat, and spit, and said, “Maybe we ought to stay after practice more often.” Laughing, we went back to the showers.

Anand and I were fuck-buddies for the rest of high school, and became good friends too. But those are stories for another time.


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