Indian Gay Erotica: The Dark Alleys of Laxmi Nagar: 1

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Indian Gay Erotica: The Dark Alleys of Laxmi Nagar: 1

Indian Gay Erotica: Back in the early 2000s, things used to be calmer. And quieter. I had entered a vocational college two years ago. The good thing was that the college used to run 9-5 instead of the usual 9-2. And half the days I used to make “working on a submission” as an excuse to stay away from home. Stay away from dad, rather. And the whole new stepmom development was really not motivating enough for me to stick around the Stepford household. So I had started spending more and more time away from home. No one back at home cared either. I was a lone wolf even before I was independent.

I had come out of the closet the previous year. Almost everyone in college knew. The so called friends I used to have slowly drifted away. And the few remaining friends were black sheep themselves in their own ways. I didn’t have any guy friends. Back then the concepts of sexual orientation and gender were not so prevalent. This is before the 2009 HC judgement. So I didn’t really have any close bonds with anyone and used to float around on my own mostly.

There was this one guy, H. I always had a bit of a crush on him. And I think he knew it. After a long year of awkwardly avoiding each other’s eye contact and all that juvenile drama, we had finally started talking by the end of the previous academic year. And very soon we became very good friends. We connected on an intellectual level, that both of us knew, we didn’t connect that way with anyone else in college. Our conversations were surprisingly progressive, frank and open minded. We freely talked about anything and everything under the sun. As if we were some PhD professors objectively theorizing upon anything we can think of.

H, was from Haryana but not a jaat to my disappointment. But he had that crude male arrogance, that fuck-the-world attitude that make jaat boys so sexy. But in case of H, he was also intelligent. He always had a strong ethical moral code. That’s why inspite of his rudeness, everyone knew he was a good guy at heart. That’s also the reason why it was easy for me to tell him how I felt about him. He had responded very respectfully and clearly stated to me that he was straight, and he had no plans for experimentation.

I on other hand, was a tweenaged little queer boy, trying to make sense of my own sexuality. Back in those days, I used to hold a conviction that all men have fluid sexuality if they open their eyes to it. So for the longest time I was convinced that if I did it right, maybe some day I could seduce H. Now here came the tricky part. I was always good at seducing straight men, and I tried my antics on H as well. And I knew H was aware of what my intentions were. And I knew he was never repulsed by it. But he just stringently prevented himself from giving any reaction to it.

After a while it became frustrating. I was lonely. I wasnt conventionally attractive. I wasnt masculine. I had some feminine traits. And I wasn’t slim either. Later on I would find out that I have a voluptuous figure like the south Indian actresses- no body hair, curvy, thunder thighs, soft supple boobs – which drives a lot of men crazy now. But back then I didn’t know what to do with my body. I got stood up on guys4men dates n number of times. I got blatantly rejected whenever I asked anyone to dance at Pegs and Pints Tuesday nights. The only men I would have to settle for were horny straight men. They always just see me as a piece of flesh with hole for them to stick their dick in. I was just so desolate and desperate to be loved. To be desired and wanted. And H was the only guy around me, and I couldn’t think of anything else but of being held tight in his arms. So that I could break down and cry.

H used to live in a boys mess in Laxmi Nagar. It wasn’t exactly a mess so to speak. It was more like a four floored building, with every floor being a 2bhk house inhabited 3-4 boys on each floor. It was a shoddy construction in the shady allies of an urban village, lined with similarly cramped buildings where students used to live paying very cheap rents. The landlords used to stay elsewhere only visiting once a month to collect rent.

H used to share his house with two other boys from our batch. One of them had a girlfriend so he used to spend half of his time at her place. That’s why sometimes when I would be hanging out with H and we wanted to drink, we would buy booze and crash at his place. The other flatmate was V. H didn’t see eye to eye with V and there was always too much tension between them whenever they would be in the same space.

V, like H, also carried a fuck-all attitude, but his sense of ethics was questionable. I always felt like there was something sinister going on in his mind. He was one of the bad boys of college and was close friends with this other guy in college who was like a goon. They were always embroiled in some brawl or the other. Everyone at college maintained distance from them.

Now, I always knew that V was bisexual. This was in the early days of Internet when social media had just come in. I once happened to see V’s profile on Orkut, and he had mentioned his sexual orientation as bisexual which he later changed. Also, he was mostly nasty to everyone else, but for some reason, he was always nice to me. He talked to me with respect and regard, even after I came out of the closet. This little bit, was enough for me to not hold any presumptive judgments against him and talked to him nicely. There was never any discord between the two of us. Also I was a black sheep, so I wasn’t bound by social appearances. So I didn’t care who thought what if they saw my talking to V.

The third roommate who was ever rarely there, was very diplomatic. He needed a roof so he compromised to share a flat with V, even though he did dislike V, but always pretended everything was hunky dory. But no one else from college ever visited H’s flat, because V would be there. Except me. Because I never had a problem with V.

In the entire building, there were around 8-10 boys of varying ages living in all the floors. They had a strange social system within the building. They all mostly hung out together, drinking, smoking, watching movies or porn. They even used to take turns to cook together and have dinners together. I had never experienced this kind of a male social space. It was weird. There was always wayyy too much masculinity in the air.

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One of the guys was S, who used to live on the ground floor. He was like the big brother of the building, probably because if you had to enter the stairs you would have to pass through the ground floor lobby, and end up saying hi to S. He was the oldest guy in the lot, 5-6 years older to me, and the only one who was a working professional and also the one who had lived the longest in the building since his student days. So he held this strange over arching control over all the other boys. All the boys revered him.

Now S, was also a big time tharki. All the boys kept singing accolades of S’ sexcapades. He was always hooking up with some chick or other (and everyone would know because his room would be shut). He was also very sexually liberated. You know how some men are. They are not limited by labels and details. They just love to indulge in the pure pleasures of sex and sensuality. And he was definitely kinky as I later found out…..

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